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Family & Consumer Sciences
Classroom Management
This course combines effective teaching skills and classroom management into one comprehensive course. It is designed to provide basic pedagogical tools necessary for creating effective teaching and learning environments. Students will be introduced to the current research on instructional approaches and strategies for teaching and learning in today's classrooms. Students will be required to demonstrate these best practices within individual and small group experimental activities. Additionally, this course incorporates current research on the most effective strategies for improving classroom discipline, motivation, interpersonal relationships, and academic performance on all grade levels. Attention will be given to aspects of diversity and/or culture factors that influence perceptions about classroom management.
Carolyn Cotton
- Examine the central concepts and methods of inquiry that make subject matter more meaningful
to students.

- Understand that students vary in their approaches to learning by creating instructional
opportunities that are adaptable to the individual differences of learners.

- Utilize best practices related to motivation and behavior to create positive learning environments
that encourage active engagement.

- Develop a knowledge of communication techniques.

- Demonstrate communication techniques that foster active inquiry, collaboration and positive
interaction within the classroom.

- Develop a plan of instruction based upon curriculum goals, subject matter, student ability and
knowledge of the teaching and learning process.

- Identify the skills needed to facilitate consensus and mediate conflict.

- Identify and demonstrate measures to organize, allocate, and manage the resources of time,
space, activities, and attention to provide equitable engagement of students in productive tasks.
Video Self-Assessment of Teaching:
Submit a videotaped sample of your teaching. Write a reflection and self-assessment paper about a teaching sample. The paper should include a teaching analysis on motivation and communication techniques. Details for each section and a rubric to assess his/her work will be provided.

Persuasive Essay:
The purpose of the persuasive essay is to provide practice for the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET), which is required for entrance into the College of Education at most universities. The student will choose a controversial subject in education and defend one side of the issue in a two-page paper.

Classroom Management Plan & Class Presentation:
Devise a plan presenting a personal perspective on classroom management. The student's classroom management and discipline views should be consistent in design.

Unit Exams
Oklahoma General Competencies for Teacher

Licensure and Certification
Max Teaching

KeyTrain: Profile - Teacher Aide I Skill Building Curriculum

Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

Teachers as Advisors for Secondary and Postsecondary Students - CIMC

From Surviving to Thriving: Skills for the Effective Teacher - CIMC

Substitute Teacher Toolbox - CIMC
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