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Family & Consumer Sciences
Consumer Education
This course offers an in-depth study on consumer rights, responsibilities, and privileges. Attention is focused on the importance of financial management and consumer awareness. This course incorporates all of the Personal Financial Literacy PASS objectives required by the state of Oklahoma. Career opportunities in consumerism are also explored.
Mary Jane Grayson
-Using circular flow of economic activity, explain economic roles that individuals and companies have in the economy

-Define major resources of the U.S. economy

-Explain ways government is involved in our economy and how living in global market place affects U.S. consumers

-List effects of inflation on consumers and name three concepts that affect prices for consumers

-Define basic rights of consumers and describe practices of the responsible consumer

-List common sources of consumer information

-Distinguish among informational, manipulative, and deceptive advertising

-List criteria associated with consumer fraud

-List the requirements of a contract

-List in order appropriate channels to contact when resolving consumer complaint

-Describe types of financial institutions and their purposes/function

-Identify types of checking, saving, and electronic banking services

-Define savings and investments and discuss how each are used by consumers

-List the basic steps in a financial plan

-Discuss basic principals of insurance and describe purposes of at least three

-Distinguish among types of consumer credit and discuss best uses of each type

-State guidelines used to measure how much credit a consumer can handle

-Figure yearly cost of owning and operating an automobile

-State guidelines for selecting automobile insurance

-List items to consider in choosing appropriate type of housing

-State reasons for having an advance directive for health care

-State reasons for having a will

-Discuss benefits of time management

-Discuss guidelines for protecting personal information at home, on computer, in dealing with companies and financial institutions, and at work

-Explain steps a victim of identity theft should take to resolve situation
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