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Family & Consumer Sciences
Cost Control & Revenue Management
This course presents effective methods and principles for purchasing and cost control in the foodservice. Students will learn how to accurately price goods and services, control costs, and maximize profits at all types of restaurants and foodservice businesses.
Carla Campbell

-Identify variable, semi-variable, and fixed food service costs.
-Calculate food cost and food cost percentages.
-Develop a recipe cost card using a standardized recipe.
-Explain how market forces affect menu prices.
-Explain how the menu product mix is used to determine the composite food cost of an operation's menu.
-Calculate the amount of food to purchase for a catered event.
-Identify proper procedures for receiving goods.
-Identify food storage techniques used to control theft.
-Explain the FIFO method of stock rotation.
-Calculate a daily food cost.
-Calculate inventory turnover rate and inventory value.
-Calculate a new yield for an existing recipe.
-Determine a recipe's yield and the number of portions it will produce.
-Identify various portion control devices.
-Identify payment methods used by restaurant and food service industry.
-Identify cash handling procedures.
-Differentiate in a master schedule and a crew schedule.
-Calculate turnover rate percentage, total money for labor costs, money available for scheduling, and hours available for scheduling.

Hospitality: Manager - CTTC

Career Cluster Resources for Hospitality & Tourism

One or more of the following measures will be used in addition to classroom assessments:

Cost Control end of course test by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

Hospitality: Manager - CTTC

Hospitality ProStart Certification

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

Fundamental Principles of Restaurant Cost Control, David V. Pavesic, 2005.
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