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Family & Consumer Sciences
Culinary Advanced Skills
This theory/lab class introduces the students to the identification and preparation of meat, poultry and seafood. It also introduces bakery skills and dessert/plate presentation. Stocks, soups and sauces will also be covered. An overview of manger is presented. Hours: 60 Theory/60 Lab
Carla Campbell
The course should follow Culinary Basic Skills.
- Fabricate meat, poultry and seafood
- Identify and prepare meat, poultry and seafood fabrications
- Demonstrate fundamentals in dessert and bakery preparation
- Demonstrate techniques used in stocks, soups and sauces
- Demonstrate salads and cold food production

- Hospitality: Bakery Cook - CTTC
- Hospitality: Cold Food/Prep Cook - CTTC
- Hospitality: Hot Food Cook - CTTC
- Hospitality: Food Handler - Introductory - CTTC
- Hospitality ProStart Certification
- Culinary Arts Access - ACF/NOCTI
- ServSafe and Sanitation
- ServSafe Employee Safety and Sanitation Employee - National Restaurant Association
Various assessments available through American Hotel & Lodging Association
Aligns with National Restaurant Association (ProStart)

Aligns with American Culinary Foundation (Culinary Concepts)

Culinary Arts Series -
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Culinary Arts Assistant
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Culinary Arts Management Assistant
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Line Cook