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Family & Consumer Sciences
Culinary Arts Advanced Internship
A working internship in an approved food production environment that may include a restaurant, hotel, resort, cruise ship, bakery, school, catering company, country club, or other food production environment. This experience is designed to build and expand skills and career knowledge while understanding and responding to the needs of the internship site. Crucial skills to be learned in this course are speed, accuracy, and organization. Students will follow guidelines to report their progress to the internship coordinator. Internships may only be completed at approved sites.
Marc Dunham

Bill Allen
Successful completion of the courses comprising the Culinary Arts career major at Francis Tuttle
Respond to the needs of the internship site and perform at a high level to meet business
Increase speed and production
Perform repetitive tasks consistently and quickly
Organize mise en place accurately and consistently on a daily basis
Taste all food products on the station to ensure the highest quality
Alert the Chef or Kitchen manager when inventory items are low prior to depleting the inventory
Support the Chef or Kitchen manager in the cleanliness and sanitation of the kitchen
Internship Time Cards, Work Performance Rating Sheets, Daily/Weekly evaluations from supervisor
This course aligns with providing the culinary student a substantial and relevant work-based learning experience to culminate his/her training in the culinary arts. Similar internship experiences are found within the curriculum of the most highly acclaimed culinary programs in the country; including the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson and Wales University, and Le Cordon Bleu.
The curriculum resources for this course will rely heavily on the day to day operation of the food production facility to which the student is assigned. The curriculum becomes the planning and preparation of menus, the processes to produce those menus, and the daily responsibilities of the student.

An internship coordinator will be assigned to monitor internship assignments.
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