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Family & Consumer Sciences
Culinary Arts Internship II
This is a work based learning experience in which a three-way partnership is established between the school, an employer or business, and the student for the purpose of providing practical education to the student through productive work opportunities. Experiences take place in a workplace setting and offer teachers and students the opportunity to see a relationship between school courses and career choices. This would be the second internship for a student.
Carla Campbell
This course should be completed last in the sequence of courses for the applicable career major.
-Develop an in-depth understanding of current restaurant food service/beverage management
-Participate in a specialized internship in a commercial or noncommercial restaurant food service and beverage operation
-Attend work regularly.
-Notify the job site supervisor if unable to attend work.
-Follow directions of the job site supervisor.
-Use feedback from the job site supervisor for growth.
-Demonstrate quality work performance on the job.
-Produce a variety of baked goods and products.
-Demonstrate quality work.
Regular evaluation by instructor and on-site supervisor
National Restaurant Association
Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts, ProStart program
Prentice Hall 2011
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Baker
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Baker Assistant
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Culinary Coordinator