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Family & Consumer Sciences
Early Care & Education Director
This course is designed for early care and education students that have completed the Teacher Assistant and Master Teacher courses. The course is aligned with the Oklahoma Career Tech duty/task lists for early childhood care and education occupations. The curriculum incorporates state licensing regulations and standards set forth by national organizations active in early childhood care and education. The curriculum offers various components of administering a child care center program, an understanding of the director's role in child care management, developing child care professionals, employment plans, and interactions with various situations and people are included. The necessary knowledge and skills in early childhood care education, administration, and management are incorporated. In addition, project-based activities are included to assist the students in preparing for a rewarding career. Successful completion of Director, and having high school diploma or GED, meets the Oklahoma Registry requirements for bronze level through the Oklahoma Center for Early Childhood Professional Development.
Holly Hanan
Teacher Assistant
Master Teacher
- List responsibilities of childcare director and family childcare provider

- Identify general guidelines for succeeding as an entrepreneur

-Identify major steps toward achieving licensing, accreditation, and developmentally appropriate classroom practices

-List factors affecting facility layout and design for child care center

-Determine needs for turning home into learning environment for children

-Answer questions about developmentally appropriate practices and how to apply them in setting

-Answer questions about developing guidelines for curriculum plan

-Select from list general guidelines for maintaining records

- Match types of insurance related to childcare operations to descriptions

- Select from list guidelines for planning and conducting staff interviews

- Complete statements about contents of orientation for employees

- Select from list guidelines for conducting employee/staff evaluations

- Answer questions about written safety plan

- Develop parent handbook

-Identify true or false statements about guidelines for holding staff meeting
Early Care & Education: Child Care Director - CTTC
The Child Development
Associate Assessment System and Competency Standards

Oklahoma State Department
of Human Services - Child Care Division

National FACSEd Standards
Early Care & Education: Director - CIMC

Early Care & Education: Caring for Children in School-Age Programs - CIMC - Click on FACS Courses/Resources; FACS Course Content; Occupational/Technology Center Courses; Early Care and Education for curriculum based websites, PowerPoints, and other resources.
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