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Family & Consumer Sciences
Early Care & Education Master Teacher
This course is designed for early care and education students that have completed the Teacher Assistant course. The course is aligned with Oklahoma CareerTech duty/task lists for early childhood care and education occupations. This in-depth study is designed to provide training in the following areas: Master Teacher, Infant and Toddler, and School Age. The curriculum incorporates state licensing regulations and standards set forth by national organizations active in early childhood care and education. The curriculum offers project-based activities to assist the students in preparing for a rewarding career. Successful completion of Master Teacher curriculum with three months full-time experience meets the Licensing and Stars Criteria of Oklahoma for Master Teacher.
Holly Hanan
Teacher Assistant
– Identify responsibilities of master teacher

– Discuss team roles of master teacher in childcare environment

– Develop profile of job outlook in childcare careers, including educational requirements in a career ladder

– Answer questions about key points in code of ethics of NAEYC and performance standards of head start program

– Prepare personal development plan from self-evaluation

– Organize resource collection for CDA professional resource file or CCP comprehensive child and family resources

– Answer questions about state licensing standards and regulations

– Answer questions about injury, illness, and disease reporting

– Answer questions about requirements for evacuation procedures and reporting safety hazards

– Answer questions about developmentally appropriate physical, intellectual/cognitive, social, and emotional activities

– Present developmentally appropriate activities to individual children and small groups

– Review health and safety procedures of child care center

– List elements of emergency plan

– Answer questions about guidelines regarding ill children

– State guidelines for ensuring staff use of positive guidance techniques

– List steps for responding to common guidance situations

– State guidelines for conducting formal parent conference

– Explain uses of child observations/assessments

– State guidelines for writing accurate child observations/assessments

– Profile skills and attitudes needed by child care professionals in caring for children with special needs/diverse abilities, gifts, and talents

– Answer questions about certification and training for care of child with special needs

– List ways to adapt toys, equipment, and activities for child with special needs, gifts, and talents

– Answer questions about principles and goals of curriculum and program management

– State criteria for selection of equipment and materials

– State guidelines for managing staff relations and end-of-day hours
Early Care & Education: Master Teacher - CTTC

Early Childhood Care & Education - NOCTI
The Child Development
Associate Assessment System and Competency Standards

Oklahoma State Department
of Human Services - Child Care Division

National FACSE Standards
Career Cluster Resources for Human Services -

Oklahoma Career Clusters - Human Services
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