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Family & Consumer Sciences
Early Care Professionals
This course prepares students for careers as child care owners, directors, and administrators. The course will improve, and enhance the knowledge of students entering child care management.
Terri Hollarn
-Describe the principles, areas and theories of child development.
-Identify career opportunities in the Human Services Cluster.
-Demonstrate employability and professional skills of human services professionals.
-Identify specific types of observation, how and why they are used to record a child's behavior.
-Describe the symptoms, signs, documenting and reporting of child abuse and neglect.
-Explain the methods of preventing child abuse and neglect.
-Describe the difference between a schedule and a routine
-Identify ways to meet the nutritional needs of children
-Demonstrate ways to build social skills and guide young children
-Identify sensory appropriate indoor and outdoor environments for young children.
-Summarize the appropriate equipment and supplies for young children.
-Define program types and how to manage early childhood program services.
-Describe well-equipped learning centers and the equipment each should contain.
-Identify needs and opportunities for parental or family involvement in the child care setting.
-Describe the development, care and management of infants through school-age children, including special needs children.
-Plan curriculum and teaching strategies for young children.
-Plan, teach and critique lessons for young children involving language skills, social responsibility, math, science nature and gardening, motor development, fitness, dramatic, artistic and musical expression.
Aligns with Child Development Associate Credential. Student completing this course are ready to continue study toward the CDA.

Child and Adult Care Professionals, Glencoe-McGraw Hill

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