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Family & Consumer Sciences
Enterpreneurship & Employment Skills
This course is designed to help students learn more about themselves and the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. The students will assess their personal experiences, aptitudes, interests, knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship. The course will guide students to consider business ideas that could fit their individual needs and the needs of the community. Students will start to develop the business skills necessary to start their own businesses through planning and goal setting.
Carla Campbell
-Originate and manipulate a document in Microsoft Word.
-Originate and manipulate a document in Microsoft Excel.
-Originate and manipulate a document in Microsoft PowerPoint.
-Write a resume and cover letter.
-Fill out a job application correctly.
-Incorporate skills needed to interview for a job.
-List skills employers consider important on the job.
-Summarize leadership styles and analyze when each is most appropriate.
-Outline the supervisor's role in decision-making, problem solving and delegation of duties.
-Explain the role of job descriptions and specifications and develop wirtten examples.
-Perform mock interviews, prepare resumes, job applications and cover letters.
-Describe procedures of new employee orientation.
-Compare training methods; construct an effective employee training program to include follow-up training and cross training.
-Analyze types and methods of employee evaluation.
-Describe necessity of change and ways of implementing change with the least employee resistance.
-Evaluate methods of conflict resolution and grievance procedures (union/non-union).
-Identify reasons for disciplinary problems and discuss the supervisor's role in handling them.
-Describe the procedure for terminating employees.
-Analyze motivational techniques/problems; discuss procedures for attitude changes.
-Analyze ways of dealing with stress in the workplace.
-Discuss time management and other organizational management techniques.
-Discuss legal issues related to managerial decisions (sexual harassment, discrimination, violence/anger and unemployment compensation).
The student will be evaluated on satisfactory completion of the learning activities, assignments, and project work designed around the knowledge and skills described above.
-problem solving activity
-management strategies
-communication skills
-job application form.
-professional resume
-responses to simulated questions
-mock job interview.
Required : KeyTrain/ WorkKey experience


Microsoft Office 2000 software

Internet accessibility

Floppy disk(s) as needed

CD-R or Flash drive

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