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Family & Consumer Sciences
FACSEd Career Readiness Core
This course is designed to provide students with fundamental workplace knowledge and skills to succeed in any career. Students will develop the personality traits, employability skills, and leadership skills desired by employers. Students will explore techniques to manage their personal life, family life, and career preparation. Students will have the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills through participation in the student organization, Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).
Holly Hanan
-Write in your own words benefits of being a leader.
-Demonstrate positive leadership qualities.
-Use the FCCLA planning process to solve problems.
-Identify the Six Essentials of Leadership.
-Examine the understanding of one's self and others.
-Identify strategies for managing time and stress.
-Identify ethical situations in the workplace.
-List common barriers to communication and state guidelines for improvement.
-List skills needed to balance family and career.
-Improve communication skills.
-State guidelines for proper business etiquette.
-Connect school experiences to school and careers.
-Establish positive work related attitudes and habits.
-Collaborate and build relationships.
-Develop skills and ethical behavior needed for successful employment.
-Formulate occupational objectives.
-Complete a job application form.
-Create a professional resume.
-Review potential interview questions.
-Formulate responses to simulated questions.
-Participate in a mock job interview.
The student will be evaluated on satisfactory completion of the learning activities, assignments, and project work designed around the knowledge and skills described above.
-problem solving activity
-management strategies
-communication skills
-job application form.
-professional resume
-responses to simulated questions
-mock job interview.
Required : KeyTrain/ WorkKey experience
- - Click on FACS Courses/Resources; FACS Course Content

-National FACS standards

-The Handbook to Ultimate Leadership, FCCLA
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