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Family & Consumer Sciences
Family and Consumer Sciences IIA
A comprehensive study designed with updated content areas regarding the developing preschool-age child, human ecology, and food science. Attention is also focused toward assisting students with understanding a career ladder and assuming leadership responsibilities. Student leadership through Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
Mary Jane Grayson
Family and Consumer Sciences I recommended
-Apply principles of child development to age-appropriate characteristics.
-Identify developmental tasks of preschool-age children.
-Identify developmental characteristics of children who live with special challenges.
-Recognize preschool learning domains and developmental growth.
-Identify guidelines to follow when planning meals and snacks for children.
-Determine safety and health guidelines, and preventive measures to ensure the safety of children.
-Define family structures.
-Identify characteristics of generational relationships.
-Determine reasons for changes in family roles.
-Distinguish between characteristics of functional and dysfunctional behavior in families.
-Select reasons for following the dietary guidelines.
-Identify results of poor nutrition upon health.
-Identify information concerning requirements for total calorie intake.
-Plan a day’s menu based on the food pyramid and your calorie need.
-Select practices to follow when eating out.
-Select meals from restaurant menus.
-Identify sources of the principle nutrients in fruits and vegetables.
-Evaluate a fruit or vegetable recipe.
-Prepare a fruit or vegetable recipe.
-Identify requirements for preparing quality yeast breads.
-Identify yeast bread standards, unsatisfactory characteristics, and their causes.
-Prepare a variety of yeast bread products.
-Identify nutrients contained in pastry dough.
-Identify pastry standards, undesirable characteristics, and their causes.
-Evaluate a pastry product.
-Prepare a variety pastry product.
-Identify the principle nutrients contained in proteins.
-Identify factors to consider in the purchase of proteins.
-Identify non-meat protein sources.
-Prepare a protein dish.
National FACS Standards
Family and Consumer Sciences II-CIMC

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