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Course Information
Family & Consumer Sciences
Food Service Management
In this course, the student will learn and develop skills that will help them in problem-solving, communication, and planning.
Carla Campbell
Cost Control and Revenue Management
- Explain the importance of ethics in food service
- Identify how stress can be minimized or prevented
- Apply process steps in goal setting, managing monitoring and evaluating
- Identify obstacles to effective communication
- Describe characteristics of effective listening
- Demonstrate business-appropriate telephone skills
- Identify techniques for managing compensation
- Identify guidelines that apply to unemployment compensation laws
- Identify techniques for motivating and developing employees
- Identify scheduling strategies
- Describe ways to manage team-based projects
- Apply the problem-solving model
- Describe steps in planning a meeting
- Develop a meeting agenda
One or more of the following measures will be used in addition to classroom assessments:
- Hospitality & Restaurant Management end of course test by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
- Hospitality: Manager - CTTC
- Hospitality ProStart Certification

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

National Restaurant Association (ProStart)
Restaurant Operations Management: Principles and Practices, Jack D. Ninemeir & David K. Hayes, 2006.
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