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Family & Consumer Sciences
Hospitality & Service Techniques
This course will introduce students to the world of service and hospitality. Students will learn the appropriate ways to engage guests during the dining experience. They will also focus on proper sequence of food and beverage service.
Carla Campbell
-Work in a formal and casual dining room during quarterly events with ease and grace.
-Perform the proper sequence of service including all steps.
-Understand the role of the front of the house personnel.
-Understand the impact the front of the house personnel can have on the customer and restaurant flow.
-Operate in a demanding dining room under various conditions and in various events.
-Demonstrate the general rules of table settings and service.
-Describe specific American, English, French and Russian service.
-Discuss service methods such as banquets, buffets, and catering and a la carte.
-Describe the functions of the dining room.
-Discuss procedures for processing guest checks using curent technology.
-Demonstrate an understanding of guest service on customer relations, including handling of difficult situations and accommodations for the disabled.
-Explain inter-relationships and work flow between dining room and kitchen operations.
-Discuss sales techniques for service personnel including menu knowledge and suggestive selling.
-Discuss industry efforts to combat excessive consumption.
-Identify and prepare a variety of beverages, including coffees and teas.
-Identify local, state and federal laws pertaining tot he purchase and service of alcoholic beverages.
-Discuss the basic production process for distillation and fermentation.
-Distinguish wines by grape and/or other fruit variety, country, growing region and production process.
-Evaluate the relationship of beverages to food.
-Identification and preparation, presentation and service of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and dealcoholized beverages.
-Identify equipment glassware used for beverage preparaton and service.
-Discuss opening and closing procedures of a beverage operation.
-Identify levels of intoxication and methods to control excessive consumption by guests.-
- Discuss Dram Shop Act and liquor law liability.
-Explain procedures for implementing internal beverage controls
Select assessments from:
- Hospitality: Server - CTTC
- Culinary Arts Access - ACF/NOCTI
- Hospitality ProStart Certification
American Culinary Federation

National Restaurant Association (ProStart)
On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals

COURSE MANUAL: Introduction to Culinary Arts

Introduction to Culinary Arts CIA 2007
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