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Family & Consumer Sciences
Housing and Home Environments I
Housing and Home Environments I is a specialized course designed to prepare students to understand the influences affecting housing decisions. Instruction will focus on the social and psychological aspects of housing, housing trends and issues, the application of design principles to the living environment, home furnishings and equipment, and home care and maintenance.
Grade levels: 10-12
Mary Jane Grayson
-Students will demonstrate leadership, citizenship, and teamwork skills required for success in the family, workplace, and global community. (FCCLA, professional image)

-Students will examine housing needs and options for individuals and families throughout the life cycle.

-Students will compare the role of government and the consumer in regards to housing.
-Students will assess current housing trends and issues.

-Students will apply knowledge, skills, and principles of design to the living environment.

-Students will apply knowledge and skills to select, purchase, and arrange furnishings and equipment for the house.

-Students will interpret the relationship of home care, maintenance, safety and security to home satisfaction.

-Students will explore career paths within the housing, interiors and furnishings industries.
Unit tests and projects
National FACSEd Standards
Housing and Home Furnishings - CIMC

Supplemental VHS and DVDs - CIMC - Nasco Family and Consumer Sciences Catalog - Click on FACS Courses/Resources; FACS Course Content; Semester In-Depth Courses; Housing and Home Furnishings for curriculum based websites, PowerPoints, and other resources.

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