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Family & Consumer Sciences
Infant & Toddler Care
This course is designed for early care and education students that have completed Teacher Assistant and Master Teacher courses. The course is aligned with Oklahoma CareerTech duty/task lists for early childhood care and education occupations. This in-depth study is designed to provide training in the following areas: Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Environment, Understanding Infant and Toddler Development, Developing Relationships with Families, and Managing a Child Care Program.
Holly Hanan
Teacher Assistant
Master Teacher
- List areas to consider in well-planned, safe infant/toddler care giving environment

- Match schedule considerations for infants and toddlers to descriptions

- Answer questions concerning feeding infants and toddlers

- State ways to enhance physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and creative development

- Plan developmental activities including toys

- Research techniques concerning separation process

- List types of information that should be exchanged between parents and caregiver

- Evaluate entrance and parent communication area of childcare center

- Select activities or equipment to promote development

- State guidelines that should be used to develop well-planned program
Early Care & Education: Infant/Toddler Child Care Provider - CTTC Human_Career_Cluster.htm
The Child Development Associate Assessment System and Competency Standards

Oklahoma State Department of Human Services - Child Care Division

National FACSE Standards
Child Care: Infant and Toddler - CIMC - Click on FACS Courses/Resources; FACS Course Content; Occupational/Technology Center Courses; Early Care and Education for curriculum based websites, PowerPoints, and other resources
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