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Family & Consumer Sciences
International Cuisines
This course will introduce students to the world of ethnic cuisine and menu planning. Students will learn about the culture, history and origin of different food groups and practice flavor profiling and development.
Carla Campbell
-Distinguish the differences between food cultures of various countries.
-Relate these food cultures to different styles of cooking and eating.
-Prepare different ethnic dishes and recipes for sampling and service.
-Compare the different countries of origin for similarities and differences.
-List basic menu planning principles.
-Identify principles of menu layout and design.
-Create menu item descriptions following established truth-in-menu guidelines.
-Apply principles of nutrition to menu development.
-Determine menu prices utilizing proper cost controls.
-Plan a la carte, cycle, ethic, banquet and buffet menus.
-Discuss importance of product mix, check average and their impact on profit contribution.
-Develop a menu layout for a foodservice operations.
-Discuss the availability of food and seasonal menus.
-Discuss menu planning resources (Internet, professional, and vendors).
-Examine and prepare the cuisine of North America, South America, Asia, France, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean.
Culinary Arts Access - ACF/NOCTI
American Culinary Foundation (Culinary Concepts)
On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals

COURSE MANUAL: Introduction to Culinary Arts

Introduction to Culinary Arts CIA 2007
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