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Family & Consumer Sciences
Introduction to Education
This course is designed to introduce pre-education students to the professional community of teachers, administrators, and support staff, which are vital to the education of our nation's youth and to the role school plays in society. This course initiates the process of developing a fundamental framework which allows students to become familiar with the culture of schools as they begin to assess their interest in the teaching profession.
Carolyn Cotton
- Examine the role of the teacher within the profession.

- List various teaching specialties.

- Identify non-teaching careers.

- Identify attitudes/characteristics necessary for successful teaching.

- Demonstrate comprehension of what is required to become a teacher in the state of Oklahoma.

- Model the expectations for educators as positive community members.

- Characterize the importance of fostering positive interaction with school colleagues, parents and
community organizations that are supportive of students' learning.

- Identify the legal aspects of teaching, including the rights of students and parents as well as the
legal rights and responsibilities of the teacher.

- Identify the funding resources for schools.

- Explore social trends and issues related to schools.

- Identify and analyze the challenges faced by learners from diverse backgrounds.

- Identify effective teaching strategies and examine their impact on student learning.

- Develop instructional strategies based on the Oklahoma core curriculum.

- Formulate a personal philosophy of education.
Observation Reports:
Students will be required to observe activities and behaviors that correspond to specific course content. Specific classroom observation questions will be given for observation. The observation questions, specific instructions for observation assignments, form for recording times
(accompanied by teacher's signature) and scoring criteria will be made available.

Reflection Papers:
The student will create and submit a three-page reflective report detailing experiences during classroom observations.

Research Reviews:
One to two-page reviews of journal articles allow students to explore the current controversies and issues that impact education and teaching.

Lesson Plan Submission:
Students will design and present a classroom lesson. The lesson plan format will be provided.

Unit Exams
Oklahoma General Competencies for Teacher

Licensure and Certification
Max Teaching

KeyTrain: Profile - Teacher Aide I Skill Building Curriculum

Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

Teachers as Advisors for Secondary and Postsecondary Students - CIMC

From Surviving to Thriving: Skills for the Effective Teacher - CIMC

Substitute Teacher Toolbox - CIMC
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