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Family & Consumer Sciences
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
A core course designed as an overview of the hospitality and tourism industry. Areas of study include the many facets of the tourism industry including food service, lodging, travel, tourism, recreation and attractions. Recommended avenues of teaching include guest speakers within the classroom and tours to various tourism facilities.
Carla Campbell
-Assess the importance of tourism to the economy.
-Describe the diversity of the tourism industry.
-Explore the need for all segments of the tourism industry to work together.
-Explain the benefits of professional organizations.
-Describe the customers’ needs that tourism businesses satisfy.
-Define critical moments in customer service that impact customer satisfaction.
-Summarize methods of handling customer complaints.
-Explore the history of the tourism industry.
-Identify challenges in the tourism industry.
-Specify general trends and how they might affect the tourism industry.
-Distinguish between types of food service.
-List the functions that all food services must perform.
-Discuss the influence of customer feedback.
-Analyze the responsibilities of the general manager of a specific tourism related
-Compare the functions of the front-of-the-house and the back-of-the house.
-Describe the role of the purchaser.
-List the main tasks of purchasing and receiving.
-Describe tasks of inventory.
-State the difference between cleaning and sanitizing.
-Explain HACCP.
-Describe the tasks of tourism managers.
-Discuss ways in which mangers control costs.
-Describe the four tasks of managing human resources.
-Evaluate management skills needed in the tourism industry.
-Distinguish between the types of management styles.
-Identify resources to assist with funding tourism projects.
-Research methods to market and promote the tourism industry.
-Differentiate the advantages and challenges of a tourism career.
-Compare the education level, job responsibilities, and salary for an entry-level job, a
supervisor’s job, and a manager’s job.
-Explain how the career clusters connect school preparation to career success.
-Examine job leads in the tourism industry.
-Review good work habits.
-Compare/contrast the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship; and of
buying a franchise.
-Classify the types of ownership structures.
-Summarize the parts of a business plan.
Select skills from:
- FACS I: Core - CTTC
- FACS II: Core - CTTC
- Hospitality: Manager - CTTC
- Hospitality: Server - CTTC
- Hospitality ProStart Certification,
- Culinary Arts Access - ACF/NOCTI,
- ServSafe Employee Safety and Sanitation Employee - National Restaurant Association

Various assessments available through American Hotel & Lodging Association

Brainbench--Hospitality Industry Knowledge, Telephone Etiquette, Customer Service, and Listening Skills
Aligns with National Restaurant Association

Aligns with American Culinary Foundation (Culinary Concepts)
Textbook: Hospitality Services: Food and Lodging, GoodHeart-Willcox, Johnny Sue Reynolds, 2010
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Culinary Arts Assistant
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Culinary Arts Management Assistant
Hospitality & Tourism Travel and Tourism Destination Meetings and Event Management Assistant
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Food Service Attendant
Hospitality & Tourism Lodging Front Office Assistant (Formerly Front Desk Asst.)
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Garde Manger
Hospitality & Tourism Lodging Hospitality and Tourism Manager
Hospitality & Tourism Lodging Hospitality Steward
Hospitality & Tourism Lodging Housekeeper
Hospitality & Tourism Lodging Lodging Manager
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Prep Cook
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Management Assistant
Hospitality & Tourism Lodging Service Careers Hospitality & Restaurant Assistant
Hospitality & Tourism Travel and Tourism Tourism Assistant