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Family & Consumer Sciences
Introduction to Soups
This course will build on the fundamentals learned in stocks, sauces and vegetable and starch cookery by combining the techniques. Clear soups including broths and consommés and thick soups including cream soups and puree soups will be practiced in this course. In addition, specialty soups such as chowders, bisques, and cold soups will be practiced. Flavor, consistency, appearance, temperature, aroma and garnishing will be a focus in this course.
Chef Marc Dunham
Francis Tuttle
Basic Kitchen Skills/Safety and Sanitation
List and classify a variety of soups.
Describe the role of stocks in soups.
List thickeners used in a variety of soups
Prepare a variety of clear soups and thick soups including broths, consommé, purees, bisques, chowders, and cream soups.
Identify and prepare a variety of proper garnishes for each soup.
Discuss the importance of seasoning, consistency, temperature, aroma and garnishing.
American Culinary Federation secondary and post-secondary accreditation, rubric style evaluation for daily cooking production, written tests, practical cooking tests.
Hotels, restaurants, casinos, hospitals, country clubs, spas, cruise liners, schools and universities, correctional facilities, food manufacturing, and food distribution.
Calculator, pens, pencils, student resource center with computers and library, knife kit.

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Software: CulinarE-Companion Recipe Management, Cheftec, Microsoft office, Blackboard

Major A/V support: Laptops, personal computers, demonstration cameras and screens.
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