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Family & Consumer Sciences
Leadership, Education and Achievement Program (LEAP)
A variety of career opportunities will be explored in this course designed for middle school/junior high school students. Students will interview personnel from various career fields including the educational system. They will learn the responsibilities of school personnel such as the superintendent, personnel director, principal, assistant principal, curriculum coordinator and others. Students will explore teaching as a career and compare it to other professions in terms of educational commitment and financial compensation.
Carolyn Cotton
- Identify the necessary steps to successfully complete high school and college.

- Excel academically by positioning oneself to further their education.

- Identify the positive and negative aspects of teaching as a career as well as describe the pros
and cons of other career choices.

- Describe the role of leadership in their personal, academic, and professional careers.

- Conduct effective research.

- Utilize time management and study skills for higher-level achievement.

- Write reflectively and use reflection as a tool for self-improvement in the areas of academics
and scholarly conduct.

- Demonstrate problem-solving and decision making ability.

- Participate in healthy debates and explain the significance of defending an argument using a
tactful, strategic, and articulate approach.

- Participate in service learning activities that demonstrate how education helps meet the needs of
the community.

- Show competence and discipline in the area of critical thinking, cognitive development,
vocabulary development, reading, interpersonal relationship skills, study skills, and time
management skills.
- Student assignments and projects (performance-based assessments)
> emphasis on service learning
> reflective writing
> vocabulary development

- LEAP Portfolio
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