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Family & Consumer Sciences
Lodging Internship
Secondary or post-secondary work-based learning in which a three-way partnership is established between the school, an employer or business, and the student for the purpose of providing practical education to the student through productive work opportunities. Experiences take place in a workplace setting and offer teachers and students the opportunity to see a relationship between school courses and career choices in the lodging industry.
Carla Campbell
This is the last course in the sequence for this major.
- Students integrate coursework, knowledge, skills and experimental learning to demonstrate a broad mastery of learning across the curriculum.

- A wide variety of skills might be focused upon which will allow the student to demonstrate the level of achievement reached with regard to key areas of learning. They
are the skills a student masters throughout his or her learning and through which he or she communicates attainment of the course goal. They are: "critical thinking, problem solving strategies, effective writing, effective oral communication,and visual communication."

- The work based course is designed to help the student achieve the following outcomes:
- enables students to work independently;

- enhances students skills in written, spoken, and visual communication;

- makes available a variety of quality experiential learning opportunities, on and off campus, which provide a basis for professional expertise and identity;

- provide the means for student acquisition of management abilities and acuity pertaining to their specific profession;

- enable students to evaluate and process learning: find similarities, draw distinctions, synthesize concepts, be flexible, and create new ideas;

- enable students to develop an informed sense of design and production and to use a variety of forms of communication effectively
No tests required for this course. It is used to demonstrate mastery in the field through the pursuit of certifications, complete projects with limited supervision, and/or used for an OJT (on the job training) component.
-Fulfillment of requirements for Career Major Pathway.
-Live work and/or internship in accordance with industry demands
American Hotel and Lodging Association

-Lodging Management Program Year One

-Lodging Management Program Year Two

-START (Skills, Tasks, and Results Training)
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