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Family & Consumer Sciences
Lodging Management II
This course is part II of an overview of hospitality and lodging management. Students will learn the types of hotels, ownership and levels of service. Special focus is given to the front office and basic communication and telecommunication procedures in relation to guest satisfaction. Management and marketing skills for planning and executing events is emphasized. Hospitality services, basic housekeeping skills and industry safety are additional components of this course.
Carla Campbell
Dependent on course major
- Identify and create a checklist for the cleaning responsibilities of the housekeeping department.
- Create an inventory list of work performance standards and a frequency schedule.
- Identify steps necessary in staffing and scheduling for the housekeeping department.
- Identify how recycled and non-recycled inventories are maintained
- Calculate expected inventories and establish inventory levels.
- Identify types of linens and calculate necessary par levels for each type.
- Take a physical inventory of linens and describe effective inventory control methods.
- Describe purchasing responsibilities of the executive housekeeper.
- Identify factors to be considered in an annual linen purchase.
- Assemble guest room cleaning supplies on a housekeeping cart.
- Enter a guest room properly.
- Perform basic cleaning tasks in a safe and efficient manor and conduct an inspection.
- Identify new technology that has affected guest room cleaning.
- Explain the characteristics of various fabric types.
- List the steps in the laundry cycle
- Oversee the collection and transportation of soiled linens.
- Demonstrate the proper procedures for sorting, loading, extracting and washing of different linen types.
- Demonstrate the proper procedures for drying, ironing, folding and storing linens.
- Identify types of commercial laundry equipment.
- Outline the importance of a safe preventive maintenance program.
- Identify carpet types and durability factors.
- Identify primary and secondary backings used on carpets.
- Identify preventative measures and solutions for carpet wicking, shedding, pilling and mildew.
- Demonstrate how to use a floor plan and calendars to schedule routine and preventive carpet maintenance.
- Identify the types and functions of carpet care equipment.
- Demonstrate vacuuming procedures and dry powder cleaning methods.
- Identify applications for antimicrobial cleaning methods, electrostatic dissipation
- Demonstrate retailing and customer service skills.
- Perform cash handling, accounting and financial transactions in a hospitality retailing operation.
- Apply basic food service skills in a hospitality retail operation.
- Manage, use, care for, store and maintain equipment, tools and supplies safely and orderly.
- Apply facility management, maintenance and service skills to a hospitality retailing operation.
- Apply time and work management skills to hospitality retailing operations and facility.
- Perform inventory management and control.
- Demonstrate portion control of products in a hospitality retailing operation.
- Analyze the cost of products and merchandise for resale and price markup methods.
- Demonstrate merchandising and display of products in an attractive manner.
- Operate a Point of Sale system.
- Apply industry standards for service methods that meet expectations of customers.
- Analyze relationship between employee attitude, appearance, actions and customer satisfaction.
- Apply a system to evaluate and resolve employee , employer or guest complaints.
- Analyze effects of customer relations on the success of a hospitality business operation.
- Explain the levels of service that exceed, meet or fail to meet the expectations of a customer.
- Hospitality: Manager - CTTC

Various assessments available through American Hotel & Lodging Association
American Hotel and Lodging Association (Skills Tasks and Results Training-START)

American Hotel and Lodging Association - Lodging Management
- Life Skills: Communication Skills - CIMC
- Culinary Concepts - MAVCC
American Hotel and Lodging Association
- Lodging Management
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