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Family & Consumer Sciences
Marriage & Family Life
This in-depth study is designed to provide knowledge of family life and factors that influence lifestyles and decisions. Attention is focused on marriage and family skills, life choices, and parenthood and family changes. Marriage and Family Life is intended as the basic core from which students gain the knowledge to develop relationships effectively and deal with the many relationships that are a part of everyday life.
Mary Jane Grayson
- List factors that affect communication

- List common barriers to communication and state guidelines for improvement

- Name factors that influence decision-making

- Arrange in order the steps in the decision-making process

- List skills useful in decision-making

- Identify strategies for managing time and stress

- Identify factors that influence lifestyles

- Identify functions of families

- Name factors that put families at risk

- Discuss impact of careers on family

- Distinguish among stages of family life cycle

- Identify basic characteristics of readiness for parenting

- Identify financial responsibilities parents face when raising children

- List parenting skills needed for guiding healthy child development

- List changes and challenges that affect families including impact of aging

- Identify issues facing family members due to a death

- List sources of crises in families and resources for withstanding a crisis

- List common factors that contribute to problems in marriage

- Discuss impact of divorce on children and other family members

- List potential challenges in remarriages and step parenting

- List challenges in balancing family and career and skills needed

- List career opportunities in field of family relations
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Marriage and Family Life - CIMC - Supplemental Instructional Videos

Connections + PREP - Relationships and Marriage - The Dibble Fund for Marriage Education Curriculum - Click on FACS Courses/Resources; FACS Course Content; Semester In-Depth Courses; Marriage and Family Life for curriculum based websites, PowerPoints, and other resources.

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