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Family & Consumer Sciences
Nutrition Health & Safety for Children
This course provides a basic understanding of strategies to develop children and to keep them safe and healthy. The course combines classroom instruction with lab experience and observation to develop competence in maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for children. The course will allow students the opportunity to experience firsthand how to maintain safety and health regulations and to provide nutritious meals and snacks.
Holly Hanan
-Examine day care licensing standards
-Discuss safety responsibilities
-Develop a safety policy
-List safety rules and guidelines
-Describe ways to prevent accidents and injuries
-Obtain first aid certification
-List objectives for guiding health
-Examine strategies for promoting good health
-Demonstrate the basics of good nutrition
-Plan nutritious meals and snacks
-Develop a resource file for health, safety and nutrition
-Class assignments
-Laboratory assignments/reports
-Observation reports
-Peer reviews
Oklahoma State Department of Human Services - Child Care Division

CECPD requirements
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