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Family & Consumer Sciences
Parent Community Relations
Through this course, students gain an understanding of the role a lead teacher and director plays in providing family support in the daily operations of a child development program. Emphasis is on the impact of families, working with parents to establish communication, and ways to incorporate family involvement experience and observation to develop competence in forming a foundation for meeting the educational and individual needs of young children.
Holly Hanan
-Analyze, Classify, Order, Divide Infer, compare, measure

-Evaluate methods of communicating with parents

-List ways to promote positive parent/teacher relationships

-Compare methods for managing parent conferences and complaints

-Analyze ways to collaborate with local agencies

-Classify acceptable formats for assessing children

-Judge community resources for use in teaching

-Demonstrate guidelines for writing accurate child observations

-Compose a volunteer orientation program
-Class assignments
-Laboratory assignments/reports
-Observation reports
-Peer reviews
Oklahoma State Department of Human Services - Child Care Division

CECPD requirements
Herr, Judy. Working with Young Children. Text and Workbook. The Goodheart-Wilcox Company, Inc., 2002.

Oklahoma State Department of Career & Technical Education, Teacher Assistant, 2008.

Stephens, Karen. The Child Care Professional. Glencoe McGraw Hill, 1999.
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