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Family & Consumer Sciences
Project Search-Independent Living for Service Careers
Students will learn everyday living skills to them in transitioning from dependent living and school environments to independent living and work environments.
Holly Hanan
Earning Money
1. Wages
2. Annual Wages
3. Time Worked
4. Overtime
5. Regular Wages Plus Overtime
6. Tips
7. Piecework
8. The Key to Rounding Money
9. Salary
10.The Key to Percents and Decimals
12.Salary Plus Commission

Buying Food
1. Expressing Prices
2. Reading Prices
3. Adding Prices
4. Computing Change
5. Coupons
6. Coupons for More Than One
7. Coupons With Conditions
8. Expiration Dates
9. Finding the Cost of One
10.The Key to Using the Word “Per”
11.Unit Price

Shopping for Clothes
1. Ready-to-Wear
2. Sale Prices
3. Percent Saved
4. Discounts
5. Buying From a Catalog
6. The Key to Simplifying Fractions
7. The Key to Common Denominators
8. Making Your Own Clothes
9. Finding the Cost of Fabric
10.Using a Charge Account
11.Using a Layaway Plan

Managing a Household
1. Renting a Home
2. Buying a Home
3. Computing the Down Payment
4. Paying the Mortgage
5. Terms of Mortgages Differ
6. Reading Utility Meters
7. Utility Consumption
8. Telephone, Gas, and Electric Bills
9. Mortgage Insurance
10.Homeowners Insurance

Buying and Maintaining a Car
1. Buying a New Car
2. Buying a Used Car
3. Financing a Car
4. Automobile Insurance
5. Reading an Odometer
6. Average Miles Driven Per Year
7. Number of Miles Traveled
8. Computing Gas Mileage
9. Computing the Range of a Car
10.Computing the Fuel Needed
11.Computing Average Speed
12.Computing Travel Time
13.Buying Gasoline
14.Computing the Cost of Repairs

Working With Food
1. Counting Calories
2. The Key to Ratio
3. The Key to Proportion
4. Finding Calories With Proportion
5. Using Nutrition Information
6. Fat Grams and Calories
7. Using Calories
8. Losing Pounds
9. Changing Recipe Yields
10.Timing Food Preparation

Improving Your Home
1. Buying Furniture and Appliances
2. 90-Day Purchase Plan
3. The Key to Perimeter and Area
4. Painting a Room
5. Buying Paint
6. Buying Wallpaper
7. Covering the Floor
8. Computing Length of Molding
9. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting
10.Additions to Existing Homes
12.Seeding and Feeding Lawns
13.Fencing a Yard

1. Reading a Map
2. Estimating Distances
3. Reading a Bus Schedule
4. Computing Bus Fares
5. Staying in Hotels
6. Package Travel Plans
7. Exchanging Currency
8. Renting a Car
9. Parking Expenses
10.Time Zones
11.Traveling by Air

Budgeting Your Money
1. Finding Average Income
2. Preparing a Budget
3. Adjusting a Budget
4. Using Circle Graphs
5. Balancing a Budget

Banking and Investing
1. Simple Interest
2. Compound Interest
3. Doubling Your Money
4. Checking Accounts
5. Keeping the Account Up to Date
6. Reconciling a Checking Account
7. Stock Market Mathematics
8. Evaluating Profits and Losses
9. Earning Dividends

Paying Taxes
1. The Key to Large Numbers
2. The Federal Budget
3. Paying Taxes
4. Reading the Tax Table
5. Using a Tax Schedule
6. Refund or Balance Due
7. Property Tax
8. Effective Tax Rate

Math Used in Preparing for Careers
1. Salesclerks
2. The Key to Square Root
3. Electricians
4. Auto Mechanics
5. Carpenters
6. Drafters
7. Machine Operators
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