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Family & Consumer Sciences
Skill Assessment
Upon completion of this course students will be tested on their ability to perform skills they have learned throughout the semester. Students are tested prior to graduation to assess their ability to perform to the same standard they were taught during the instructional period.
Carla Campbell
Basic Kitchen Skills, Sanitation and Safety
- Review all safety rules and policies used in the kitchen.
- Review all sanitation rules and practices.
- Review instructional materials regarding measurement and ratios.
- Review the types of knives and their uses in the kitchen.
- Be able to describe the effect of heat on starches, sugars, and proteins.
- Be able to demonstrate and use the variety of knife cuts instructional material for this course in
order to prepare for written and practical assessment.
- Describe varieties of fish, shellfish, meat, and poultry and their cooking methods used in this
Review of reading assignments, multimedia training, and classroom activities.

Written and practical application and examination on each area covered.
Hotels, Country Clubs, Restaurants, Hospital and Institutional Food Service.
- Culinary Fundamentals – The American Culinary Federation
- Le Guide Culinaire – Escoffier
- ACF Guide to Culinary Competitions

- Video on butchery of chicken and flat fish
- ACF Website for culinary competitions
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