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Family & Consumer Sciences
This course provides information that managers need to make sound selection and procurement decisions. Purchasing, organizing, costing, and distribution systems are included in the course. Content also includes payment procedures, buying techniques, specification writing, ordering, receiving, security, and the buyer's role in the organization.
Carla Campbell
Supervision and Human Relations course
- Explain how hospitality operators use technologies in selection, procurement, and inventory.
- Outline the distribution system in the hospitality industry.
- Identify forces that affect the channel of distribution.
- Describe methods used to plan and organize the purchasing activities of a hospitality operator.
- Identify purchase specification information.
- Explain potential problems related to purchase specifications.
- Calculate correct order quantities using various theoretical methods.
- Calculate cost information.
- Identify good receiving practices and methods to reduce receiving costs.
- Identify methods used to prevent security problems related to purchasing.
- Explain the process of purchasing, receiving, storing, and issuing fresh produce, processed
produce, dairy products, eggs, poultry, fish, meat, and beverages.
- Identify management considerations surrounding the selection and procurement of services,
furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
Teacher created assessments will be used to measure completion.

Hospitality: Manager - CTTC

Career Cluster Resources for Hospitality & Tourism

Manager - CTTC

Hospitality ProStart Certification

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
Culinary Fundamentals, American Culinary Federation, 2006.

Fundamental Principles of Restaurant Cost Control, David V. Pavesic, 2005.

Restaurant Operations Management: Principles and Practices, Jack D. Ninemeier & David K. Hayes, 2006.
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