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Family & Consumer Sciences
Supervision and Human Relations
The student will focus on human resource management and the supervision and leadership skills necessary to attract, train and retain a quality oriented hospitality/culinary staff. Emphasis will be placed on proper communication skills, dealing with diversity, and managing a quality work environment.
Carla Campbell
Food Service and Sanitation course
- List the ten categories of people protected from discrimination by federal equal employment
opportunity laws.
- Recognize federal laws that prohibit discrimination in the workplace.
- Recognize practices that promote diversity in the workplace.
- Identify the functions of a job description.
- Identify the minimum information needed for a good job description.
- Recognize the differences between exempt and nonexempt positions.
- Identify information that can be used to forecast staffing needs.
- Identify common sources of potential employees in the restaurant and foodservice industry.
- Identify discriminatory language in job opening advertisements that must be avoided.
- Recognize standard tools and techniques to screen job applicants.
- Identify examples of discriminatory language and practices related to screening.
- Develop a list of interview questions to use when screening an applicant.
- Describe common methods for checking references.
- Identify hiring and orienting new employee's practices.
- Identify techniques for supervising and motivating employees.
- Identify techniques for developing employees.
- Identify the elements of a successful training program.
- Identify techniques for managing shifts.
- Identify ways to manage voluntary terminations.
- Identify labor laws that affect restaurant and foodservice operations.
- Recognize a manager's responsibilities in complying with sanitation laws.
- Recognize a manager's responsibilities in complying with alcohol service laws.
- Describe ways to respond when an employee discloses an illness.
- Identify the principles of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standards as they relate to restaurant
and foodservice operations.
- Identify the impact of child labor laws on restaurant and foodservice operations.
- Identify ways to manage employee benefits and compensation.
Classroom assessments:

Supervision end of course test by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

Hospitality ProStart Certification

Hospitality: Manager - CTTC

Career Cluster Resources for Hospitality & Tourism

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

The World of Culinary Supervision, Training & Management
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