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Family & Consumer Sciences
Teaching and Learning in Elementary, Secondary, and Adult Education
This course will explore the preparation, credentials, trends and assessment strategies influencing education and training. Content also includes the challenges confronting the education settings, the historical background of American Education, global impact, effective teacher attributes and classroom management techniques.
Carolyn Cotton
- Explore requirements for preparation, certification and credentialing processes in education and

- Identify effective attributes and competencies for specific careers in education and training

- Compare and contrast major educational philosophies.

- Compare theories of development impacting human development.

- Discuss the impact of the historical development of the American educational and training
system on current practices.

- Evaluate the infrastructure of public education within your state and a local school district.

- Analyze personal learning styles and intelligences.

- Develop effective classroom strategies for teaching diverse learners.

- Write educational objectives which include all necessary components.

- Create a complete lesson plan of a selected topic.

- Classify the characteristics and uses of specific types of instructional strategies.

- Analyze a lesson, identifying the teaching strategies.

- Assess the impact of instructional technology on learning.

- Integrate the use of technology into a lesson plan.

- Distinguish between formative and summative assessment.

- Develop a rubric to be used for alternative assessment.

- Evaluate and apply classroom management strategies.

- Debate the benefits of participation in professional associations for students and teachers.

- Examine the impact of current challenges confronting education and training.
Student assignments and projects

Unit Exams
Oklahoma Teaching Competencies (OTC)
Textbook: Teaching, Goodheart-Wilcox

Developing Contextual Lessons Through Curriculum Integration - CIMC

Teachers as Advisors for Secondary and Postsecondary Students - CIMC

From Surviving to Thriving: Skills for the Effective Teacher - CIMC

Total Quality Teacher Video Series - CIMC

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