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Health Careers Education
Administrative Medical Office Procedures
Students will apply the basic concepts and principles of medical office practices and procedures with entry-level proficiency in the performance of duties in the administrative medical office.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
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-Describe the importance of the medical office environment as related to the patient's proper and effective care.

-Describe what computers can do to improve efficiency in the medical office.

-Demonstrate the transcription skills needed by a medical assistant to produce a variety of properly formatted documents for use in a medical office.

-Describe proper telephone technique in a medical office setting.

-Demonstrate scheduling tools for the purpose of documenting patient appointments and cancellations.

-Identify the reasons for accurately maintaining ambulatory care office files.

-List the role and duties of the Medical Assistant in producing written communications in a medical office.

-Identify the financial activities that occur in the medical office.

-Explain the proper completion of medical insurance forms.

-Identify the importance of billing and collections to the ambulatory care setting.

-Identify the purpose of accounting principles in the medical office.

-Identify the role and duties of the office manager for a medical practice.

-Explain the proper procedure for recruitment, management and dismissal of employees.

-Identify the elements involved in the employment process.

Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)
Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

-- aligns with AMT Registered Medical Assistant

Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)

American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)
Humphrey, D. Contemporary Medical Office Procedures, 3rd Edition (2004) Delmar, ISBN: 1401870686

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