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Health Careers Education
Advanced EMT Clinical Preceptorship
The advanced EMT preceptorship is a clinical experience based in the hospital and in the field. the purpose of the preceptorship is to provide students with patient contact experience to allow practice of skills in a clinical setting. Also included in this course is experiences for advanced airway managment and IV therapy skills.
Lara Skaggs

-Apply affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills in the operating room.
-Apply affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills in the intensive care unit.
-Apply affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills in the emergency department.
-Apply affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills with an Advanced Life Support EMS service.

-Demonstrate ten (10) successful IV fluid administrations.

EMT Advanced - NREMT

EMT Advanced - NREMT


Oklahoma State Department of Health

O.S.D.H- Diff. Airway Guidelines.
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