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Health Careers Education
Ambulation and Gait Training
This course prepares the physical therapy aide to assist with ambulation and gait training. Students learn safe practices while demonstrating competency in ambulating the client.
Lara Skaggs

-Define the term ambulation.

-Discuss the physical therapy aide's role in assisting the patient to ambulate.
-Briefly explain how to choose the appropriate ambulatory device for a patient's use.
-Identify four basic ambulatory devices and briefly discuss the physical therapy aide's role in assisting the patient to use them.
-Delineate the difference between a two-point, three-point, and four-point gait as each relates to crutch walking.
-Describe the difference between a swing-to and a swing-through gait, and briefly explain how each relates to crutch walking.
-Define what is meant by the term gait.
-Describe the gait of the patient with various orthopedic and neurologic disorders.

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