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Health Careers Education
Basic Human Needs for Residents/Clients
This course will provide the knowledge and skills needed to assist the student to promote client/resident independence and demonstrate psychosocial care skills.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
-Identify techniques to
encourage resident independence dignity and self-esteem.
-Use techniques that
promote resident independence in:

-Provide choices (meals, clothing)
-Scheduling adult daily living
activities (ADLs)

-Distinguish between
types of psychosocial needs:

-Mental Health

-Respond appropriately
to the psychosocial needs of the resident and family.
-Identify and report
symptoms of depression.
-Demonstrate techniques
for responding to psychosocial needs of diverse populations.
-Identify factors that
affect relaxation/sleep.
-Identify action that can promote relaxation/sleep.

Long Term Care Nurse Aide - CTTC

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Long Term Care Nurse Aide - CTTC
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