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Health Careers Education
Basic Nursing Skills
This course will provide opportunities for the student to demonstrate basic nursing skills in the LTC/HH setting.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
-Make an unoccupied and an occupied bed.
-Recognize the need for proper maintenance of supportive and preventive devices.
-Provide assistance with ADLs:

-Assist resident/client with hand washing
-Provide full or partial bath in shower, tub, chair or bed
-Perform shampoo in sink, tub, bed or shower
-Provide skin care

-Provide oral hygiene and denture care
-Provide perineal care
-Provide foot care appropriate to disease process
-Assist client with dressing/undressing
-Provide nail care
-Shave client
-Brush/comb/style resident's/client's hair
-Assist resident/client with applying and removing TED/support stockings

-Provide assistance with elimination:

-Provide toileting assistance utilizing incontinence products and bedside commode.
-Provide catheter care and maintenance
-Provide ostomy care
-Provide bladder and bowel retraining

-Provide assistance with nutrition and hydration:

-Recognize the importance of proper nutrition and hydration
-Demonstrate proper use of feeding devices and techniques:

-Compensatory swallowing
-Puree/mechanically altered
-Thickening agents

- Prepare nutritionally appropriate and balanced meals for the client:

-Special diets

-Understand nutritional labeling
-Purchase groceries within resident's/client's dietary restrictions
-Use sanitary practices to prepare and store meals
-Use sanitary practices to wash and clean dishes, utensils, kitchen/dining area

Calculate intake and output
-Document client intake and output.

-Gathering Data

-Measure and record vital signs

-Identify and report pain

-Obtain a stool specimen

-Obtain a urine specimen

-Measure weight, height and length.

-Inspect skin for continuity and abnormalities

Long Term Care Nurse Aide - CTTC

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Long Term Care Nurse Aide - CTTC
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