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Basic Principles of Computed Tomography
Content is designed to provide entry-level radiography students with the principles related to computed tomography (CT) scans.
Lara Skaggs
-Describe the components of the CT imaging system.
-Differentiate between conventional and spiral/helical CT scanning.
-Explain the functions of collimators in CT.
-List the CT computer data processing steps.
-Name the functions of the array processor used for image reconstruction.
-Define the term "algorithm" and explain its impact on image scan factors and reconstruction.
-Define the terms "raw data" and "image data."
-Explain the difference between reconstructing and reformatting an image.
-Describe the application of the following terms to CT:
Voxel-Linear attenuation coefficient;
CT/Housfield number;
partial volume averaging;
Window width (ww) and window level (wl);
Spatial resolution;
Contrast resolution Noise;
Region of interest (ROI);
Standard vs. volumetric data acquisition.
-Name the common controls found on CT operator consoles and describe how and why each is used.
-Discuss the term "artifact" to include types and appearance of those most commonly affecting CT images and how they can be
reduced or eliminated.
-List and describe current data storage techniques used in CT.
-Name the radiation protection devices that can be used to reduce patient dose in CT and describe the correct application of each.

Registered Radiological Technologist -

ARRT Radiography Core Curriculum

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Registered Radiological Technologist - ARRT

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