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Health Careers Education
Beginning Word Processing Applications
Students will use computer and word processing software to create, modify, store, retrieve and print documents. Word processing features include create, edit, print, format, spell check, thesaurus, file management, styles, merge and sort tables and graphics. This course is an introduction and overview with emphasis on learning and aplying the mechanics of the software.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
-Demonstrate the following competencies

-Word Basics

-Basic Editing

-Helpful Word Features

-Formatting text

-Formatting Paragraphs and Documents

-Desktop Publishing with Word

-Working with Documents

-Increasing Efficiency Using Word

-Web page creation

-Email etiquette

-Internet search engines

Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)

Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

-- aligns with AMT Registered Medical Assistant

Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)
Correa, C. Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office: Fundamentals and Practice (2005) Delmar ISBM: 140183038.

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