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Health Careers Education
Capstone II - Nursing Transition
This course is the capstone course for the students enrolled in the Health Careers Certification II class in the Nursing Transition (Pre-Nursing) career major. It is designed to enhance the students chosen career major and HCC course work in an individualized manner. The student and instructor meet to outline individualized learning goals centered around intensive theme study areas with a concentration on the student’s career major. Students may also finalize their health portfolio, certification requirements and transition strategies for college or other educational/training options. Students may have the opportunity to be involved in community outreach projects related their chosen career major and obtain instruction in financial literacy.
Debbie Bartel
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Sallisaw, OK 74955
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Completion of Advanced Acute Care nursing Assistant (Pre-Nursing) career major.
After the completion of the course the student will:
1. Communicate effectively utilizing their knowledge of advanced medical terminology.
2. Utilize a resume and related materials and skills to seek employment in helath care and/or seek admission into a post-secondary nursing or allied health training program.
3. Evaluate a variety of scenarios in the health care setting in order to plan and meet safety needs of patients, self and others.
4. Utilize skills obtained from the student’s selected independent learning activities to enhance their effectiveness as a health care provider and /or student in a nursing or allied health training program and the Advanced Acute Nursing Assistant (Pre-Nursing) career major
5. Have the ability to function as an entry level health care provider as an Advanced Acute Nursing Assistant.

Required courses/competencies to be selected from:

Minimum of 75 hours should be selected from this group.
• Financial Literacy—10 hours
The student will complete directed studies in financial literacy designed to assist the student transition to the world of work and managing finances

• Community Service/Health Education—40 hours
Using HOSA guidelines, the student will participate as individuals and/or as a team member to plan and implement and community service project and/or provide health education to the community/health care consumer. Such project should be related the students chosen career major.

• Career Planning and Observation—10 hours
The student will participated in activities designed to facilitate career planning /decision making and transition into a post secondary/higher education in the health field. Observation of related health profession(s/als) shall be incorporated into the learning process.

• HOSA/Leadership Opportunities---10 hours
The student will participate in HOSA activities including but not limited competitive events and state/national officer nominee/ preparation/training.

• Clinical Enhancement—hours may vary
Students will complete additional clinical hours in their primary career major to equal the balance of hours required by this capstone.

• Gylys, Barbara A. and Wedding, Mary Ellen; Medical Terminology Systems, A Body System Approach, sixth edition.
• Other materials dependent upon optional courses chosen.
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