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Health Careers Education
Certified Medication Aide
This is a listing of all the course within this major. Use the major when combining with others as paret of anther career Majors. Requirements for certification include: Must be Long Term Care Nursing Aide Certified with six months experience, High school transcript or GED, and be 18 years of age. Students can start the program if long term care certified before graduation or before 18 years of age. But to be certified, all of the requirements must be met.
Lara Skaggs

DUTY A: Administer Medication

1. Document medication schedules and administration

- Charting medication administration records

2. Apply proper medication storage procedures to the following:

- Scheduled controlled substances

- Internal and external medications

3. Identify five purposes of medications

4. Identify classifications and categories of medications.

5. Prepare and administer medications for the following in:

- Oral

- Topical

- Eye, ear, and nose

- Vaginal

- Rectal

- Transdermal

6. Recognize appropriate situations requiring assistance of supervisor including the following:

- Medication dosage and labeling

- Resident status

7. Use medical terminology, symbols, and abbreviations

8. Utilize the seven Rights of Medication Administration

9 Apply knowledge of controlled drug procedures

10. Distinguish errors in drug medication administration

11. Utilize drug reference sources

12. Relate vital sign measurement with drug administration

13. Recognize appropriate medication labeling

Observe, Report, and Document Client Status

1 Demonstrate correct pulse and blood pressure measurement and documentation on the medication administration record

2 Apply knowledge of drug administration in relation to client status including adverse drug reactions and symptoms

3 Apply basic concepts of drug/drug interactions and effects, drug/food interactions, reactions and medication timed to coincide with meals for the following:

Comply with Legal and Ethical Guidelines

1 Apply procedures to report abuse, neglect, and misappropriation of resident's medicaitons, property/funds including:

- Legal obligation

- Facility policy

2 Apply practices for confidentiality and privacy regarding:

- Records

- Client/resident status

3 Utilize institution/agency policies

4 Apply policies and procedures in relation to job performance and role in institutional setting for the following:

- Controlled substances

- Reporting resident condition

- Drug administration

- Job duties

5 Follow client Bill of Rights

Apply Principles of Safety

1 Use infection control techniques following standard precautions

2 Relate principles of positioning the client to medication administration

3. Identify allergic reactions.

4. Report statement from resident about pain level.

Apply Knowledge of Measurement Systems

1 Distinguish weight and volume measurements for the following:

- Metric weights and volumes

- Conversions and equivalents

2 Apply decimal and fractional concepts in medication administration

3 Select and utilize appropriate measurement equipment for the following measures:

- Metric

- Standard

Apply Knowledge of Body Systems and Common Diseases

1 Apply knowledge of body systems and common diseases, to the administration of medications for the following systems:

- Digestive

- Respiratory

- Cardiovascular

- Endocrine

- Urinary

- Integumentary

- Musculoskeletal

- Nervous

2 Apply knowledge of basic drug metabolism including:

- Absorption

- Medication action

Certified Medication Aide Skill Standards

- Aligns with OSDH Nurse Aide Registry Certification Requirements

Certified Medication Aide - CTTC

Oklahoma State Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry
Certification Requirements
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