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Health Careers Education
Chiropractic Assistant Internship
In this course, the student will learn to perform common duties in the chiropractic office setting and upon completion should be able to obtain employment in a chiropractic office as a chiropractic assistant.
Lara Skaggs
Chiropractic Philosophy

1. Communicate to the doctor/interviewer your personal philosophy of health and chiropractic.
2. Communicate to one patient/friend/family member what chiropractic is and its health benefits.

Office Management

1. Prepare office for arrival of patients.
2. Greet arriving patients.
3. Answer multiple phone lines.
4. Take messages for doctor/staff.
5. Schedule a new patient.
6. Schedule appointments for established patients.
7. Call a patient who has missed his/her appointment & determine why/try to reschedule.
8. Explain to a patient the clinic's HIPAA Privacy Notice and acquire patient's consent.
9. Complete an Authorization for Work or School Absence.
10. Complete a Return to Work note for a patient.
11. Complete an authorization to obtain medical records.
12. Schedule a referral to another doctor or specialist for a patient.
13. Perform clinic's closing procedures at the end of the day.

Financial Procedures

1. Calculate provider adjusted discounts and write off appropriate amounts on accounts.
2. Prepare and send patient statements with balances due.
3. Apply patient payments to accounts.
4. Complete a deposit slip.
5. Reconcile day sheet/posting at the end of the day.

Insurance Procedures

1. Verify chiropractic insurance benefits.
2. Discuss with a patient his/her benefits and financial responsibility.
3. Check claim status.
4. Call an insurance company and determine reason for denial.
5. Calculate and collect deductible and co-pay amounts from patients.
6. Enter all patient and insurance information needed for the CMS 1500 form into the computer.
7. Enter CPT codes into a patient record.
8. Enter diagnosis codes into a patient record.
9. Prepare claims using modifiers when needed.
10. Prepare Medicare claims with appropriate ICD codes, CPT codes, & modifiers.
11. Read EOB's and apply insurance payments to a patient account.
12. Batch claim forms and check for errors.
13. Mail out paper claim forms.
14. File electronic claims.
15. Bill a secondary insurance carrier.

Personal Injury

1. Process a personal injury claim by obtaining and applying all necessary information.
2. Prepare a PI claim.
3. File a physician's lien.
4. File an amended lien.
5. File a lien release.

Workers Compensation

1. Process a work comp claim by attaining and applying all information.
2. Prepare a work comp claim.
Chiropractic Assistant - CTTC

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