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Health Careers Education
Clerical Skills & Duties
Performing laboratory duties requires accuracy, timeliness, and documenting. In this course, the student will be able to function in the laboratory setting with these skills learned.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
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- Read physician orders and requisitions
- Set priorities for specimen collection
- Coordinate and schedule time intervals for tests.
- Record workload on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
- Communicate with patient areas regarding special scheduling and special situations.
- Inform patient of special test requirements.
- Chart or file laboratory generated reports properly.
- Enter, retrieve, and verify patient collection data and special notations using appropriate sources.

-collection data
-time and date
-why specimen
-clean catch specimen
-specialnotations, etc.

-Maintaining inventory levels, order and restock supplies.
-Review pending collection requests for accuracy and neatness.
-Document errors following facility policies entering wrong test in computer and cancellation,canceling duplicate orders, etc.
-Perform computer, printer operations, and keyboarding procedures.
-Perform computer and manual backup procedures.
Registered Phlebotomy Technician - AMT

Registered Phlebotomy Technician - AMT

Davis, BK. Phlebotomy A Customer-Service Based Approach (2002), Delmar ISBN: 0766825183
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