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Health Careers Education
Clinical Experience II
This course is designed as the actual application of respiratory therapy procedures. This clinical rotation is designed to be a period of practice and refinement of respiratory therapeutics and clinical skills. The student is supervised in the affiliate Respiratory Care Departments.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
1. Participate by asking appropriate questions.
2. Exhibit dependability, be punctual, attend clinical according to program policies,and complete assigned objectives.
3. Respond positively to supervision and guidance.
4. Exhibit an ability to assess and communicate patient information.
5. Perform procedures competently and attend to details.
6. Evaluate appropriateness of therapy; maximize efficacy of therapy.
7. Apply didactic knowledge to patient care to include: indications of therapy, hazards of therapy, contraindications of therapy, and goals of therapy.
8. Perform correct infection control procedures for different isolation protocols.
9. Observe and assist in an emergency CPR/ code blue procedure.
10. Continue practice, performance and application of clinical knowledge and skillsperformed in Clinical I.
11. Perform the following procedures/skills:
- Oxygen therapy administration
- Chest percussion and postural drainage
- Aerosol medication delivery
- Pulse oximetry
- Oxygen analyzation
- Physical assessment
- Isolation techniques, infection control
- ABG sticks and analysis
- Ventilatory assessment
- Emergency equipment use, manual resuscitators
- Airway management
- Airway care of the intubated patient
- Airway care of the tracheotomized patient

Respiratory Care Therapists - NBRC
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