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Health Careers Education
Clinical II - Medical Surgical Nursing (Part I)
Adult Medical Surgical Clinical focuses on the utilization of the nursing process in caring for acute care patients. The emphasis will be on prioritization, decision making, time management and critical thinking appropriate to the LPN's scope of practice. As the student progresses, more complex patient situations will be presented and they will begin to function in a role independent of the instructor.

Rotations includes nursing care for patients with medical surgical problems, home health needs, geriatric nursing needs and conditions that requires visits to the medical office.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
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Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to use the nursing process to:

Data Collection and Assessment

1. Apply theories of nursing, growth and development, and patient needs to patient situations.

2. Demonstrate basic clinical skills with a dual-patient load.

3. Read patient's chart, Kardex, and existing care plans.

4. Collect accurate objective and subjective data collection, identifying deviations.

5. Complete ongoing patient assessment.


1. Contribute to the plan of care by providing objective, subjective, and diagnostic patient data

2. Collaborate with health care team members during patient care.

3. Determine patient and family understanding of patient rights and treatment plan

4. Utilize critical thinking while analyzing data.


1. Utilize developed care plans to provide care for clients experiencing a variety of common health alterations.

2. Provide practical nursing care for the client experiencing a health alteration commonly found in the elderly.

3. Monitor patient, including vitals, visual or auditory cues, intake and output.

4. Competently execute nursing interventions in an organized, timely, safe, and efficient manner.

5. Adapt nursing care in response to changes in patient condition.

6. Prepare medications and parenteral therapies accurately and safely, utilizing 3 checks, calculations, and confirming ordered dosage.

7. Provide accurate patient and family teaching within your current scope of practice.

8. Notify appropriate faculty or staff of significant data, including changes in patient condition or staffing.

9. Proactively manage hazards in the patient environment.


1. Accurately document patient care.

2. Provide input on the patient's response to interventions, determining if patient needs have been met and noting any complications.

3. Provide input on patient and family knowledge obtained from patient teaching sessions.

Professional Behavior and Accountability

1. Maintain safe, respectful, and confidential environment for patient, self, and others.

2. Comply with professional standards in appearance, attitude, and behavior appropriate clinical settings.

3. Display good judgment, seeking appropriate guidance as needed.

4. Respond appropriately to direction and constructive feedback.

5. Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior, functioning within your current LPN/LVN student scope of practice.

6. Maintain effective communication and interpersonal relationships with patients, family, facility staff, faculty, and students.

7. Serve as a positive role model, encouraging teamwork and cooperation among health care team members.

8. Demonstrate resourcefulness, using initiative and displaying good critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

9. Demonstrate cultural competency in patient care related to patient's physical, psychosocial, cognitive, and moral needs.

10. Employ appropriate practices to manage stress and to encourage proper self-care.

11. Displays excellent time management skills.

12. Effectively and efficiently manage limited resources and contain costs.

13. Actively participate in learning activities, including clinical and educational opportunities.

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