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Health Careers Education
Clinical Practice for the Dental Assistant
This course provides the student opportunity to practice dental skills learned in the classroom and laboratory setting in a professional dental clinic.
Lara Skaggs
1. Conduct preliminary interview and examination of patient.
2. Perform charting functions.
3. Use diagnostic aids.
4. Assessvital signs.
5. Prepare operatory.
6. Select and prepare armamentarium.
7. Perform or assist with intraoral procedures.
8. Use patient management techniques.
9. Prepare for and assist with impressions.
10. Prepare for and assist with restoratives.
11. Select and prepare materials:
-Gypsum products,
-Dental waxes,
-Acrylic products
-Acrylic substitutes.
12. Demonstrate coronal polishing and fluoride application.
13. Properly store gypsum and acrylic products and dental waxes.
14. Fabricate and evaluate diagnostic casts, including trimming and finishing.
15. Fabricate bleaching trays and mouth guards.
16. Clean and polish fixed and removable appliances and prostheses.
17. Provide information on personal oral habits that may compromise general health.
18. Provide pre/post treatment instruction.
19. Explain plaque control techniques.
20. Explain nutrition and its affect on dental health.
21. Take actions to prevent medical emergencies based on the patient's medical history.
22. Recognize and assist with medical emergencies.
23. Describe the dental assistant's responsibility during dental emergencies.
24. Maintain and control supplies.
25. Maintain dental equipment/instruments.
26. Communicate effectively and establish good working relationships with patients and with other members of the dental care team.
27. Perform minor accounting functions.
28. Explain legal responsibilities and regulations.
29. Maintain records in accordance with legal guidelines.
30. Maintain and document a quality assurance program for infection control throughout the dental office.
31. Discuss patient and dental health care worker education.
32. Follow Standard Precautions for the prevention of disease transmission.
33. Follow the standards and guidelines of occupational safety for dental office personnel.
34. Incorporate personal safety measures when using toxic materials or irritants.
35. Demonstrate proper body mechanics.
36. Expose radiographs.
37. Process radiographs.
38. Evaluate radiographs for errors and retake if necessary.
39. Mount radiographs.
40. Practice safety measures to protect the patient from radiation.
41. Practice safety measures to protect the operator from radiation.
42. Explain proper storage and disposal of supplies.
43. Explain quality assurance guidelines.
44. Demonstrate appropriate appearance.
45. Demonstrate employability skills.
Dental Assistant Skill Standards - CTTC

- Aligns with Dental Assisting National Board

Dental Assistant - OBD

Coronal Polishing

Nitrous Oxide

Placing Sealants

Radiation Safety

Certified Dental Assistant License - CDA-DANB

Registered Dental Assistant - AMT
Dental Assistant Skill Standards - CTTC

- Aligns with Dental Assisting National Board
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