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Health Careers Education
Clinical Practice for the Radiology Aide
This course includes both simulated clinicals in the classroom and a clinical rotation in a health care facility. The course begins with an orientation to clinical education. Radiographic room responsibilities for the radiology aide are then discussed and the student may be tested on several skills either in the classroom lab and/or at a clinical site.
Lara Skaggs
-Explain the purpose of the clinical education component.
-Define terms that relate to the clinical education component.
-Describe the physical and human resources necessary for effective clinical education.
-Explain the importance of adhering to major clinical education policies.
-Discuss the methods used in effectively teaching clinical course content.
-Describe methods of assessment that can be used to measure cognitive, psychomotor, and affective aspects of clinical education.
-Summarize the clinical education process.
-Practice radiation safety
-Demonstrate the functions of variousradiographic system components.
-Identify directional terms and abbreviations.
-Identify types of radiographic procedures and common radiographs.
-Identify radiographic cassettes by size and type.
-Prepare the patient and his or her records for the exam.
-Set up room for various exams.
-Mix the barium preparation.
-Assist radiographer to position patients for radiographs.
-Identify surfaces in the radiographic room that must be cleaned after each patient exam.
-Clean radiographic room, observing body substance precautions.
-Restock supplies and linens.
-Answer phones and record messages.
-Assist with scheduling procedures.
-Identify common filing systems.
-File radiographs accurately.
-Demonstrate professionalism in manner and image.
-Apply ethical standards and be respectful of the patient's rights.
-Exhibit an ability to get along with staff in the externship and be able to show courtesy and willingness to share the workload.
-Maintain confidentiality of verbal, written, and electronically-generated information.
-Respond positively to supervision and guidance.
-Exhibit effective verbal and nonverbal communication.
-Demonstrate the use of grammatically-correct written and verbal communication.
-Provide information related to methods of health promotion and disease prevention.
-Apply fundamental principles of aseptic techniques and infection control complying with quality assurance practices.
-Prepare and maintain fundamental principles in coordination of patient care.
-Be able to demonstrate proficiency of the required clinical procedures listed in the competency profile.
-Be able to recognize and respond to emergencies.
-Comply with HIPPA guidelines.
-Perform radiology aide duties needed for effective department management and coordination of patient care.
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