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Health Careers Education
Clinical Prosthetics
The student will participate in a clinical externship in an approved facility offering supervised experiences in the application of learned principles to the fabrication and delivery of orthotic or prosthetic services.
Orthotics and Prosthetics Equipment and Materials; Transtibial Prosthetics; Transradial/Transhumeral Prosthetics; Transfemoral Prosthetics; Advanced Transtibial Prosthetics or Evaluation of Instructor
Upon completion of this course the student shall have:

-Worked under the supervision of an orthotist or prosthetist selected by the faculty for 300 hours.
-Participated in the fabrication of the widest variety of orthoses or prostheses possible given the clinical situation.
-Participated in the fitting of orthoses or prostheses whenever clinically appropriate.
-Worked under the direction of the technical staff.
-Practiced all safety procedures.
-Presented him/herself in a professional manner.
-Learned variations of the fabrication techniques taught in school.
-Created resume and developed job-finding skills.

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