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Health Careers Education
Complete Dentures I
Students will practice setting denture teeth for a complete set of dentures.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
1.Articulate casts using non-adjustable and semi-adjustable articulators.
2. Construct baseplates and occlusal rims.
3. Arrange a balance set-up using anatomical teeth.
4. Contour a denture wax up prior to try-in and processing.
5. Flask, pack, process and recover dentures.
6. Remount dentures.
7. Selective grind occlusal discrepancies.
8. Finish and polish dentures.
National Board for Certification in Dental Lab Technology

American Dental Association Standards

"LAP Book" - Learning
Activity Packets (LAP) Book, Moore Norman Technology Center
Dental Laboratory Technology Dental Anatomy

Dental Laboratory Technology Removable Prosthetics

Dental Laboratory Technology Fixed Prosthetics

Wax-Up for functional Occlusion

Dental Terminology

Suggested Texts and Supplements

Laboratory Technology Dental Anatomy," University of North Carolina

"Dental Laboratory Technology Removable Prosthetics," University
of North Carolina

"Dental Laboratory Technology Fixed Prosthetics," University of
North Carolina

"Wax-Up for Functional Occlusion", Quintessence Books
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