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Health Careers Education
Computer Keyboarding
The student will master the keyboard by touch and begin development of acceptable speed and accuracy levels on the alphabetic and alphanumeric keyboard and the ten-key number pad. Formatting of basic documents is also included.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
-Complete conditioning practice, learn key, combine keys, improve keystroke, build skill in Alphabetic Keyboarding, Numeric Keyboarding, Keyboarding Skill Builder and Numeric Keypad.

-Learn and demonstrate correct finger placement and build basic skills.

-Increase speed and accuracy to a minimum of 35 words per minute and 97% accuracy.

-Format business and academic reports, block-style letters, envelopes, memos and tables.

-Format various features of a report and recognize APA and MLA styles.

-Format various types of correspondence and demonstrate correctly how to mail merge.
Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

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