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Health Careers Education
Death and Dying
This course will provide the knowledge to enable the student to perform the special care procedures for residents/clients exhibiting symptoms of impending death.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
-Identify differences in the way people handle the death and dying process.
-Identify the signs of approaching death.
-Identify the spiritual preparations for death practiced in various religious denominations.
-Demonstrate the procedure for post-mortem care.
-Select descriptions of the hospice philosophy and method of care.
-Identify responsibilities of the NA for supportive care.
-Identify and respond to the needs of the resident/client and his/her family during illness and stages of dying.
-Perform post-mortem care.

Long Term Care Nurse Aide - CTTC

Long Term Care Nurse Aide - CTTC
Aligns with OBRA Requirements
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